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About us

It is estimated that half of people with experience of homelessness have inadequate literacy skills to cope with the demands of everyday life. Some may be unwilling or unable to engage in formal adult education. Barriers include long-term health problems, inadequate life skills, financial difficulties, housing problems and, commonly, fear of learning.


Alternative provision designed to take account of these hurdles exists within homelessness and community settings. But availability falls well short of the need.


Literacy100 works to promote an increase in accessible, person-centred literacy learning opportunities for people supported by homelessness organisations. We believe that when these are linked to other support services, individuals have an improved chance of achieving their broader goals.


Our priorities


Engaging with research

There is a small but growing evidence base that links poor literacy to homelessness. We are committed to supporting emerging research and spotlighting key voices, sharing 'what works' with our Literacy100 Network.


Engaging with policy

We believe that literacy needs should not be a contributing factor to homelessness. Therefore, they should be a key consideration in policy, user-centred design and implementation.


Our values



We believe literacy is a human right and a critical skill that makes a significant impact in ending homelessness.



We provide insights and data to support our work, and have pragmatic solutions to common issues.



We're open to partnerships and ideas. We're keen to work collaboratively, to share our knowledge and to learn.

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